About Me


My name is Jodie.

I am an artist and qualified graphic designer, living in Melbourne, Australia.

I specialise in custom painted, watercolour pet portraits. 

During COVID-19, Australia went into lockdown in early 2020. During this time, I was stood down from my full time job for a period of 7 weeks. Not someone used to, or very good at, having nothing to do, I took up painting again. My partner and I foster greyhounds, and I had intended to paint each dog we had fostered. Finding I had failed to take good enough reference photos, I turned to painting my own greyhound long boi Storm, and my sister’s Newfoundland McGyver. After posting these photos on facebook, I began to receive requests from family and friends. From there, I started to build my business and was overwhelmed with the orders that came through and the positive feedback I received. 

It was also such a joy to be painting on a regular basis again.

Painting is my own form of meditation and I take great pride and joy in my creations.

I look forward to creating a unique painting of your beloved pet.